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Dressage Horse Match is an exquisitely designed web destination for Dressage Horses and Riders seeking their love connection. Over 50 years of professional real world experience buying, consigning, and matching dressage horses with riders is designed into the function of this modern website.

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What are people saying?

European Dressage Professional

This site is exactly what is needed to help professionals like me effectively sell horses. I am able for the first time to find

Active Buyers

who are the best matches for my horses.
I love this site more every day and know my search for my match will go much better since I can refine my search to my needs and my match can find me! This is so much better for me than the results I got posting ISO on Facebook. Dressage Horse Match is definitely a huge value to the dressage community!

Dressage Horse Match

is the first place I go when looking for professionally represented horses for my clients. I love the "Radius Search" . I can save time and money by seeing locations of our refined search.
Jeff, My experience with you and Sue is way beyond my expectations. I am thrilled with your work and your professionalism from start to happy outcome. Perfect home for my beloved horse. Thank you so much. Chris W.

Why Dressage Horse Match!

Here are a few reasons why Dressage Horse Match is the best way to find the perfect partner for you or your horse!
Active Participants
Match Seekers provide complete profiles, current search status, and personal contact/trainer contact information. Paid memberships ensure the both buyers and sellers are vested in the process of making a match.
Detailed Search Google Maps
Easily create, refine and save a custom search for your preferred match. Search for your perfect horse or your ideal prospective owner using their preference list to find qualified prospects. See search results overlaid on Google Maps for efficient trip planning!
Privacy Assured
You and your equine friend's privacy is of utmost importance. Basic Profile and User Names are visible to the public. Only members can see profile details, videos and photo galleries and send messages. Each party's personal contact information is hidden until both agree to "friendship request".
Private Mailbox with Fowarding
Every member has a private mailbox to keep track of all correspondence related to the search in one central location. Get immediate notifications of account activity! We forward notification messages to your regular email address.
Designed by Horse People for Horse People
Designed by professionals with over 50 years of equine matchmaking experience! Our objective is your success by providing YOU the most time efficient and cost effective tools possible to secure a dream horse or owner.
Continous Ongoing Development
This site will always be growing to provide you more opportunity. We have a number of areas that we will be implementing on a continuous basis. We are also open to any and all suggestions for High Value enhancements to improve your experience buying or selling a horse.

Two Way Match Making Works!

With Long Term Matches in mind, we established Dressage Horse Match to give assistance to people and horses seeking lasting relationships.When you post your In Search Of (ISO) needs, your odds of success double! Join Today!

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The 3 objectives of the top ten list are to help you, one, not waste time and money or a sellers time seeing and or trying the wrong horse. Two, ensure the experience and process remains pleasant for everyone and Three make sure you are the buyer the seller selects to own the horse if they are considering more than one offer.
How to Navigate the Current Dressage Horse Marketplace